12 Unique & Creative Ideas for Ceiling Medallions

ceiling medallions

Say bye-bye to boring ceilings! Make your friend’s jaw’s drop as they gaze upon your cool, unique, awesome . Be adventurous by extending your design taste to your . Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Have you found the perfect medallion, but hate the color? Paint can work wonders and will add a dramatic flair to your ceiling.

ceiling medallion
bronze medallion

Crisp, clean white is classic and stylish. It blends into your white ceiling yet adds depth and artistic character. Feel free to go big, wide, and large with a traditional white ceiling medallion!

ceiling medallion
classic white ceiling medallion

Are you a whiskey or wine lover? Then your house needs this. Simply slice the top (or bottom) off of a barrel and attach to your ceiling. Be sure to place holes where necessary for your light fixture. Yes, rustic and elegant – this barrel is the perfect blend of both!

ceiling medallion
barrel ceiling medallion

I have a thing for clocks. I always want to know what time it is, plus I just think they are pretty. So why have I never considered placing a clock on my ceiling?! I have now, as a medallion in my study/office!

ceiling medallion
clock ceiling medallion

Travelers, explorers, and history lovers will appreciate the sophisticated and precise design of a compass surrounding their light fixture. I can picture this in an adventurous little boy’s room or a travel agent’s office. How about you?

ceiling medallion
painted compass ceiling medallion

Iron scroll art is a common decor item in homes and offices. Snatch up a large design and attach to your ceiling for a funky, attractive, simple ceiling medallion.

ceiling medallion
re-purposed iron scroll ceiling medallion

Lace balances between old-fashioned, rustic, and classic. Combine lace with a burnished metal and you are left with a ceiling medallion that could fit into any design style! (Country, Victorian, Chic, Modern, etc…)

ceiling medallion
lace sheet metal ceiling medallion


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