13 Spring Napkin Rings

and Easter are just around the corner! The white snow will be melting with green grass sprouting upwards. Yellow, purple, orange and pink flowers will begin to bloom. It may take some time for the weather to change, but you can transition from Winter to in your home right now! And a great place to begin is with your tablescape.

Pull out your craft supplies for this easy DIY of Spring .
You’ll be enamored by the little animals. The colorful beads will make you smile. And nothing says Spring better than fresh flowers!

Baby chicks, nests of eggs, and fluttering butterflies a the typical depictions of Spring and Easter. Try your hand at crafting mini nests, monogramming brown eggs, gluing on tiny chick beaks, or decorating a butterfly with shiny pearls. Kids of all ages will be endeared by your napkin rings (which means they are entertained but may be distracted from using their napkin at the table!). Childish yet stylish, these Spring animal napkin rings are the perfect addition to your spring tablescape!

spring napkin ring
bird’s nest, egg and boxwood, bunny ears, chick, more bunny ears, butterfly

Burst forth with color on your table! A rainbow of beads, pom poms, and jelly beans are fun and cheerful! I’m sure you have beads lying around your home somewhere that you can snatch for this project. String, twine, ribbon, fabric – any of these will be the perfect material for a napkin ring. Grab your kids and make your Spring napkin rings a family project!

spring napkin rings
polka dot beads, pompoms, blue beads, brown beads, jelly beans

Nothing says Spring better than fresh flowers bursting with color and fragrance! Steal a few flowers from your centerpiece to create a coordinating napkin ring. Wrap the stems around a napkin ring, or simple insert them behind the ring. You can’t go wrong with a sweet bunch of flowers!

flower napkin ring
bunch of flowers, fresh flower stems

How are you welcoming Spring into your home? I can’t wait to set my table with fresh flowers, mini animals, and all things Spring!

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