Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas That Will Change Your Life

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Every inch of space is important when it comes to storage, especially in the where there’s always so much to store and to organize and rarely enough space to do it in a way that’s both practical and . Nevertheless, clever storage ideas are actually not that hard to come by. The tricky part is selecting those that actually work for you and for your space and adapting those with potential. Maybe these tips can put you on the right track.

A clean and empty counter is always practical so, if possible, avoid using it as a storage surface. Keep dishes, utensils and other things inside the cabinets or hang them on the walls so you can maximize your counter space.

The backsplash is there to prevent splashes on the wall and to make the kitchen easier to clean and often more beautiful as well. Quite often, however, the backsplash is actually bigger than it needs to be. For example, you don’t really need it for the prep area but it would look bad to just leave the wall bare in that particular section. A clever design approach in this sense would be to use the backsplash for more than originally intended and to add a few or cubbies, much like you see here.

There’s usually a lot of furniture in a kitchen and that can become a bit overwhelming, making even a large kitchen feel small and cramped. To avoid that without sacrificing storage, you can use glass-front cabinetry or open shelves and cubbies.

You can save lots of space in the kitchen by simply stacking things like plates, boxes, even cans or cups. Stacks are neat and practical and they give the kitchen a clean and organized look.

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