DELAKTIG, the Hackable Sofa, to be Launched in February

ikea sofa

Here on IKEAhackers, the DELAKTIG is hands-down the most anticipated product of 2018. A collaboration between and Tom Dixon, it promises to revolutionise the concept of the . What’s most interesting is the very idea of the is inspired by the global hacking movement. High five, peeps!

It is described as an open source platform for living which allows users to add different elements to create their own solution. A mouthful of big words, so what does it mean, exactly?

On his website, Tom Dixon states, “So, this is the plan – you can go to IKEA and you can buy yourself a DELAKTIG bed. It’s an affordable bed. If you want, you can add components to make it into a sofa. Once you’ve got this bed sofa you can add on our hacks, other people’s hacks, or you can hack it yourself.”

Ok, Tom. We get it. That’s what we’ve been doing all along.

Dixon’s company has produced heavy-weight task lamps, coffee tables and magazine racks that can be clamped, slotted or bolted on to the sofa’s frame. These contraptions lets you transform the sofa into a sleep, work or entertainment space. He says it can be turned into a raft, but I’ve not seen it set sail yet.

Bemz, the slip cover company, long in the industry of producing covers to match IKEA sofas, is also producing “three luxe covers that elevate the IKEA frame into a luxury unit – from Shower-proof stripes to an Icelandic sheepskin mono-cover known as ‘The Beast’,” as reported on Dixon’s site.

Dixon and IKEA are also collaborating with “innovative art schools to see if DELAKTIG, rather than being a complete finished piece of furniture, could be the start of something much bigger – a kind of ecosystem with unlimited possibilities.”