DIY Wood Signs Perfect For Every Occasion

DIY Wood Signs

Of all the ways to decorate a space, we find that are among the purest and simplest expressions of beauty. A is also fairly easy to make/ decorate so that’s a big plus on its side. Add to that the infinite number of ways to customize it and you got yourself the perfect ornament for any room of the house. Of course, as versatile as they may be, wood signs are not suited for every style of interior design. They usually look great in rustic cabins and homes, in beach houses, barns and in spaces that generally have a warm and cozy decor.

When creating a wood sign, you first have to pick a theme. It can be anything, even something as general as a “create theme” which is exactly what inspired this particular project. It starts with a pre-made sign which is then customized using paint, , paintbrushes, glue, and pencils. Surprisingly, the paintbrushes are actually integrated into the design and serve as ornaments, not as tools.

A cool idea is to combine various design techniques when customizing your wood sign. For instance, you could make a welcome sign. You’ll need a wooden board (one from a reclaimed pallet would do just fine), some dye or paint, a few nails, twine or string, letter stencils and artificial flowers (if you intend to make a vase out of string).

Speaking of string art, we also have a cool idea for a Valentine’s Day love sign which can be customized using this technique. There are actually several other techniques which you can use when customizing your Valentine’s Day sign so check out all of the examples before you make a final decision.

There are lots of occasions which you can celebrate with a festive wood sign. For Thanksgiving, you could make a cute gobble gobble sign. You’d need two boards, some wood stain and some paint, a , paintbrushes and any festive decoration you’d like to attach, like this cute turkey. The decoration is optional so don’t focus too much on this detail.


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