More than Just Paint: Create an Accent Wall With Art

accent wall art

Color, pattern, texture — or art!  They are all fantastic ways to create an in your living space, whether it’s a living room, dining room or bedroom. Any space can have an  because it does not have to be huge or expansive. Similar to a , which is usually larger or more open, an can be small. The main characteristic is that its design differs from the other three. And, while most people paint the a different color and leave it at that, you can add more personality by using art to distinguish your feature wall.

Displaying a colorful piece of art is a bold and immediate method for jazzing up a feature wall, whether it is painted a different color or not. Works that are monochrome or that include many colors, like this one by Speedy Graphito are lively and eye-catching. Graphito  — also known as Olivier Rizzo —  lives and works in Paris. He is also a pioneer of the French Street Art movement and often incorporates images from popular cultures, such as Tweety Bird, in his works.

While gray is generally considered a neutral, in artworks it can be used to highlight an accent wall. A dramatic piece that has an unusual feature, like this by Adam McEwen, immediately draws attention and become the dominant element. McEwen is a former obituary writer who started creating artworks out of mass media print. His works also include media works, such as this piece.

Artists often turn to technology in the search for new ways to create and express vision, and these types of works are natural choices for an accent wall. Light-based works are particularly dramatic options for highlighting a space. This one is by August Muth, a pioneering artist known for his exploration of light through holography. This work is made of holograms laminated in glass and attached with steel wall mounts. The colors and changing visuals of the piece are intriguing and would be ideal on a smaller accent wall.

Three-dimensional pieces are yet another excellent type of art for creating an accent wall. Lovers of texture and depth will particularly be drawn to an accent wall that features work that literally stands out. This ceramic piece by UK-based Artist Caroline Achaintre, who may be better known for her textile creations, has both depth and texture. It also evokes flow with its sinuous lines and undulations. The artist says that German Expressionism and post-war British sculpture influence her work and convey “the trauma of a war-time generation.”


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