Linen Closet Organization Ideas That’ll Change Your Life

Here are some closet organization ideas that’ll tame this area in no time.

closet organization ideas

You might be surprised by what’s lurking behind that mountain of towels: Photo frames! Umbrellas! Your long-forgotten bag collection! Prepare for some surprises. But today, you will reclaim your as a spot for sheets and towels alone—and maybe extra toiletries.

That’s because once you have taken everything out and created a plan, you’re less likely to use the space as a dumping ground for random items, says Kristin MacRae, owner of Organizing in RI, in Providence, RI.

Let’s start with the obvious: “Don’t keep ratty, worn-out, or fraying sheets and towels,” says Christina Hidek, a professional organizer in Cleveland. “Donate them to an animal shelter instead.”

Photo by Organized LivingOnce everything is out and you know what you are keeping, carve out a “zone” for each item: towels, sheets, blankets, and (maybe) bathroom/wellness supplies, depending on how many sets and how much space you have. That way, you’ll know exactly how much space you need for each.

Zones don’t just make it easy to do that initial organization; they also help you maintain an orderly linen closet. “You’ll notice when one zone has gotten out of control, and you can quickly tackle that one shelf to reorganize,” Hidek notes.