Quick (and cute!) DIY fixes in the laundry room!

DIY projects are always fun to do and many DIY fixes can save you money at the same time. Check out this post from Thrifty Decor Chick to see how she transformed her laundry room…

Laundry room DIY fixes

Hello! How was your weekend? Ours was equally fun and productive. The small projects continue around here and each one makes this house feel more lived in and cozy. This update involves two in our laundry room — one on the wall and one to hide some stuff. 👍

I shared our mudroom/laundry combo a few months ago and it continues to be a favorite room in the house. It is a dream to have such a large space! I’ve been working on organizing it since we moved in. You can see the big cleaning closet and that organizing transformation here.
Before I did any decorating in this space I tackled a few small projects. I shared the large DIY chalkboard wall soon after we moved in. I also replaced the bulbs in the fixtures with daylight bulbs. We have a small window in here but it was still pretty dark. Those bulbs make a HUGE difference! Then I installed a USB outlet so we could add as a charging station as I had hoped. (I shared more about those in this post!)

After those projects were complete, it was time to tackle a couple bigger ones. We have a big wall over the folding table that stumped me:

For months I looked for large art that fit this space but never found anything I liked. I thought about some kind of big pinboard to put art and papers but didn’t want it to get too busy.

I have much bigger plans for this space but it may be years before I get to them, so I decided to just do something cute and simple that also provided a bit of storage for laundry stuff. More on that in a bit!

Next up was something I’ve wanted to tackle since the day we moved in. We love having the folding table, although it’s definitely more of a catch-all space than for laundry. 😉 We went with laminate to keep costs down:

Folding table in laundry room

What I didn’t show you were the litter boxes. We knew we wanted them under the table so they’re easier to keep up with.

What we didn’t realize was how often we’d have guests in this room, especially in the rain or snow. It’s a shorter trip to come through our garage. I didn’t love welcoming them with litter boxes. 🙂 Beyond that, I just didn’t want to see the stuff we keep under there!

Here’s how it usually looked:

Faux marble tile

That rolling cart fits under there perfectly and is great for random stuff — things I need to return, put away in the garage, etc. I just don’t want to see all of that junk every time I walk in.

My quick fix for this was to add some fabric around the countertop. I found these screw eye hooks that I installed underneath:

Eye hooks for hanging drapes

I took the cheapy cafe rods I got at the hardware store and put them through the eye hooks:

How to hang DIY curtains around laundry table
I used three — one on the side and two on the front. I used my iron on hemming tape and drop cloths to create little curtains with drop cloths. (I used this size and cut it to fit.) Initially, I was going to use drapery clips to slide the fabric, but to save some cash I decided against it. It’s working great so far! Though if you’re going to be moving the curtains often the rings would be helpful.

I spaced the rods and eye hooks to create a natural opening for the kitties:

DIY skirt under table to hide litter boxes

We usually keep it open a little more than that, but this gives you an idea. I changed the direction of their boxes to keep the litter tracking to a minimum as well. By the way, we just changed over to a new litter called Clean Paws and I’m thrilled with it! The mess on the floor is cut down significantly with that litter. Just a quick tip for my cat loving friends!

Anyway, we can’t even believe how much nicer it looks now! That little curtain makes a BIG difference:

Easy solution to hide litter boxes

It looks so much cleaner with all of that covered up! And it’s easy to either pull the curtain up or slide it so we can access stuff inside:

Simple trick for hiding litter boxes under counter

You can see what I ended up with on that big wall. Simple shelves are functional and allowed me to add some fun art and accessories!

I’m trying to get away from art and signs with words on them — I feel like they took over the old house after awhile. But this room just attracts them — there’s something about laundry rooms. 🙂 I printed a few printables I found on Etsy and I love every single one:

Simple and easy wood shelves in laundry room

I love that you can purchase and immediately download them to print at home. Makes it super easy and quick.

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