Minimalist Home Decor – Check Out This Singapore Home

When it comes to Minimalist Home Decor, this Scandinavian-inspired dream home in Singapore is worth a second look! For some time now, the love affair with Scandinavian and industrial-style interiors in Singapore has been going strong. These minimalist concepts appeal to many for whom the home is a reflection of individual style and personality. However, Read More

My Go-To Home Decor Accessories

Hello Homebodies!!! This week I’m revealing my ‘go-to’ home decor and home staging accessories. Home decor accessories play such a huge part of completing the look in a space. They bring it all together and either introduce personality and individuality into the room or they neutralize it. Each home and each room is unique. It Read More

How to Incorporate Fall Trends in Your Home Decor

Interior Designer Maria Viola-Kuttruff finds inspiration in fall’s hottest runway trends.   If you think personal style doesn’t influence home décor, guess again. Maria Viola-Kuttruff, of Viola Interior Design in Merion and president of American Society of Interior Designers Pennsylvania East Chapter, has formulated many a floor plan just by sizing up a client’s wardrobe. Read More