Country Kitchen Ideas

Here are some useful tips and country kitchen ideas… Country kitchens typically have a light and airy feel. White will keep the space looking nice and clean. Choose yellow to impart a cheery look. When in doubt, the right tan will add warmth to your space. Try going trendy with hot colors like mint green. Read More

Inexpensive & Timeless Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

  White subway tile backsplashes are elegant, they’re classic, and… they’re everywhere. If you’re a little tired of the look, or you just want something different for your kitchen, look no further than this round-up of seven budget-friendly alternatives to subway tile for your backsplash. In a new shape, those familiar old ceramic tiles feel Read More

Stainless Steel Countertops Perfect for Hardworking, Stylish Kitchens

Among all the countertop choices, the most modern and functional just might be stainless steel. Prized for their practicality, stainless steel countertops are the surface of choice in professional kitchens across the globe. And, whether or not you’re a gourmet cook, there are many reasons that you might choose this type of countertop. View in Read More

Mid-Century Modern Residence Decorated With An Impeccable Taste

Greentree residence in East Hampton, NY was designed and decorated by Aran Construction Aran Construction built this modern home that goes by the name of the Greentree Residence, it’s located in East Hampton, NY. The architecture and décor is inspired by mid-century constructions, and the designers showed the impeccable taste in art and furnishings. The Read More

Another fabulous Victorian home in London

This house is a total dream!!! OMG! A living room with the most beautiful dark walls (and that mirror! that chandelier!), a new spacious kitchen, a rustic boho dining room (with THREE vintage chandeliers!!! and exposed brick!), original/reclaimed wood walls, white painted wood floors, a Victorian ‘decaying’ bedroom, gorgeous tile in the bathroom… this is Read More

Kickass Alternatives to Traditional Upper Kitchen Cabinets

Home trends have moved towards a more open kitchen, and away from traditional closed cabinets that often feel bulky. We’ve noticed many other types of shelving, and even little to no storage above waist height at all. This means more room for windows, and a lighter, more airy kitchen. Explore these different kitchen design ideas… Read More

50 Modern Kitchen Designs That Use Unconventional Geometry

Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… While traditional kitchen styles tend to emphasize material and color palettes, modernist designers are exploring the world of unconventional geometric design and creative framing. The kitchens in this post range from futurist styles based on sharp asymmetric polygons, all the way to otherwise classic compositions that break the Read More