Cool and Trendy DIY Projects for Old Shutters in Your Home Decor

20 Most Creative DIY Projects for Old Shutters in Your Home Decor You’ve seen them, they are all over Pinterest – whenever we’re talking shabby chic or farmhouse decor (which is quite popular these days), there are always old window shutters. You can take an old shutter, paint it, add some chic knick-knacks and have Read More

10 Velvet Sofas To Put In Your Living Room Immediately

You might have noticed but then again, maybe you haven’t. There has been a slow infiltration on our Pinterest feeds and our online shopping. The infiltration of the velvet sofa. At first, velvet sofas seemed the stuff of fancy untouched parlors and your grandma’s musty basement. Velvet showed up on furniture in either immaculate condition or Read More

How to Incorporate Fall Trends in Your Home Decor

Interior Designer Maria Viola-Kuttruff finds inspiration in fall’s hottest runway trends.   If you think personal style doesn’t influence home décor, guess again. Maria Viola-Kuttruff, of Viola Interior Design in Merion and president of American Society of Interior Designers Pennsylvania East Chapter, has formulated many a floor plan just by sizing up a client’s wardrobe. Read More