The Villa Terminus: A Quiet Balance of History & Modernity

Many hotels we’ve come across for our Destination Design column have some kind of wow factor that really catches your eye, but every now and then a boutique hotel comes along that’s more demure and subtle in its beautiful, modern aesthetic. The Terminus is one of those. Located in Bergen, Norway, this 18-room hotel is a part of the hotel group De Bergenske, a collection of five historic properties in the city that’s known for being different (in a wonderful way) from other hotels. Terminus was recently rejuvenated by Swedish architecture and design firm, Claesson Koivisto Rune, and the results are quintessentially Bergen: contemporary, detail-focused, and quietly alluring.

Claesson Koivisto Rune breathed new life into the building without stripping away its , which dates back all the way to 1760s when merchant and philanthropist Alexander Kaae originally started on the creation of this property.

The interiors of Villa Terminus were inspired by paintings of 19th-century Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershi who sought the beauty in that clear soft light that so many artists and photographers chase after. Inside, everything from the wall colors to the furniture and fixtures were carefully chosen to emulate that kind of natural beauty in a Hammershi oil painting.

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