What is the True Kitchen Remodeling Cost?

Kitchen Remodeling Cost

Of course, we can only speak to the average situation here, as everyone’s kitchen scenarios are so individual. A lot of the projected cost will depend upon the size of your kitchen and the actual design of what you want your new kitchen to be. Replacing some cupboard hardware, for example, will be far less expensive than a floor-to-ceiling kitchen revamp.

Generally speaking, though, a kitchen makeover/remodel costs an average of almost $22,000, between the span of around $12,500 and $33,000. These are averages, of course, and your particular costs are going to be less…or more. Again, though, kitchen remodeling is complicated, and you’re going to have to do a lot of personal research and budgeting and crossing and combining figures to get an actual estimate for your own personal kitchen remodel, to make sure that your vision (low-, mid-, or high-level kitchen remodel) matches the reality of your costs.

If you are confident in your ability to do it correctly, performing your own demolition can save a little money. Of course, doing it correctly is critical here – any inadvertently broken pipes or cut wires will not only cost you extra money but time as well.

A kitchen remodel contractor is different than a handyman. Because s/he has a crew and other business expenses, as opposed to an individual handyman, the contractor might charge a few hundred dollars per day, plus a charge per each laborer on top of that.

Certified kitchen designers definitely provide an outside-the-box perspective, as they stay current on options and know how to navigate tricky kitchen dilemmas and are aware of ideas you may have never considered. These services will probably add to the design efficacy of your kitchen but will undoubtedly add to your budget.

There are definite advantages and disadvantages of conducting a kitchen remodel, such as the following:

Pro. is the kitchen is the heart of the home. Not just an adage, this is a truth that rings clear for many homes across the globe. If you and your family spend a lot of time in the kitchen, for whatever reason whether it’s cooking or interacting or cleaning, a facelift and/or remodel of this well-used space will likely be worth every penny.

Pro is a remodeled kitchen adds value to the home. Particularly to the homeowner who is planning on selling, an updated kitchen that both looks and functions beautifully will likely boost the home’s resale value. So you can recoup a lot of your expenses when you go to sell.

Con. is it’s a complex project. Today’s kitchen is a complex space. It’s used for food prep and cooking, of course, but also for eating, doing projects and homework, interacting, entertaining, the list goes on. Having an accurate vision of the end result, and then doing all the appropriate things (e.g., plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, etc.) to make that vision come to fruition is a challenge even for the pros…even more so for the average homeowner.

Con. is it’s expensive. Pretty much, no matter what you do, a kitchen remodeling project is going to cost you. Of course, there are ways to keep costs down (discussed in the next section), but the bottom line is: You’re going to need a firm bottom line and make hard choices to stay within budget…and even then, you might be surprised at the expense. Be prepared for that.


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