12 Vintage Decorations for the Fourth of July

“I’m proud to be an American!” Share your pride this Fourth of July with colorful and . We’ll stick with the traditional red, white, and blue, except these items have a vintage flare! These faded tones and old-fashioned fun are sure to make you fall in love!

Old cans, jars, and gift packages can be re-wrapped in red, white, and blue paper as a vintage fourth of July centerpiece! Trust me, it really is as simple as wrapping a gift! Fill with silverware, flags, candles, and more. Can’t find scrapbook or wrapping paper in your taste? Don’t overlook the internet, which has a plethora of options that you can print right from your desk!

vintage 4th of july
vintage fourth of July canister and pinwheels

Goodness, aren’t these just adorable?! Can’t you already imagine little ones blowing these around in the backyard while fireworks sparkle overhead? Instead of making these by yourself, host a little craft party and get those ting hands involved.

vintage 4th of july
Vintage 4th of July pin wheels

Don’t take that bag of old clothes to GoodWill yet…pick out the blue jeans, cut them up into triangles, and have fun painting stars and stripes on them. Use the seam as a ribbon, and your vintage blue jean American bunting is sure to be a hit in your home this summer!

vintage 4th of july
Vintage banner

Burlap offers such a textured, weathered, old-world charm. But the bright red, white, and blue buttons pop with such personality! Design your own little American flag of mismatched buttons on a swatch of burlap. Frame optional!

vintage 4th of july
Burlap and button American flag


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