3 Reasons Why This Trend-Resistant Kitchen Works

If I had to categorize where I fall on the design style spectrum, I’d say somewhere between eclectic collector and modern glam (though I love a little modern farmhouse thrown into the mix for good measure). So to declare that located in Valencia, Spain, and owned by interior designer/furniture store owner Adela makes me incredibly happy comes as a bit of a personal surprise.

Maybe it’s the fact that it reminds me a bit of my grandmother’s kitchen in Puerto Rico that I spent nearly every summer of my childhood in, or perhaps it’s all the little practical yet pretty moments it shares. Either way, it’s such a great space, and I’m going to break down three why it .

The kitchen isn’t usually the first spot you think to put up decorative wall coverings, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be. Even just a hint of pattern, like the vintage-looking floral over Adela’s cabinetry, adds instant charm (and looks like it could have been there for decades…in fact, I’m not entirely sure it hasn’t been!).

Image courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com

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