5 Hour Dining Room Makeover Under $300

So, I did something completely crazy the other day. My mom went out of town, and I thought I would surprise her with redoing her . We’ve talked about a few things in the past, but never actually said that we were going to do anything. I planned on having the weekend, 2 days to complete the transformation by myself. Well, my 2 days turned into 5 hours.

I didn’t know until the Friday before that she was coming home early on Saturday instead of late Sunday. I still wanted to do something, so I gave a swing at it and this is what happened 🙂 You can also find a video at the bottom to check out the by coverage!

Her house has gone through quite the transformation already since she bought it. The dining room was one of them. The dining room used to be twice this size. She put a dividing wall down the middle to create a bedroom on the other side. She then carved out a hole (which you’ll see below) to make it more open concept through the converted garage/living room. She always felt that the dining room just looked like a huge hole in the wall…which, it kind of was. So, we decided we needed to add more character to tie it in with the rest of the space.

Here’s the list I wanted to get done:
Add square board and batten to the back wall
Change out baseboards
Refinish and add a new top to the existing table
Decorate -new rug, curtains, chairs, wall art, and accessories
Add board and batten 2/3 up the two adjacent walls
Trim window

5 Hour Dining Room Makeover Under $300
This is the “Before Picture”

I was hopeful that all of this was going to get done, but I decided to prioritize the list just in case I couldn’t do it all. So, I placed the most important and impactful things first.