5 Room Mistakes That Make House Cleaning So Much Harder

House Cleaning

Some materials and surfaces are just easier to maintain, and that goes for house . Each of the following certainly have benefits and reasons to keep them around (and you might not have the choice to change them anyway), but know that they are also harder to keep , dust and grime-free — something to keep in mind if and when you are in a position to remodel or choose what goes into your home.

Sleek, high-gloss finishes may look glamorous and beautiful, but they also tend to show smudges and fingerprints more than their matte cousins. , lacquer, and mirrors — keeping these shiny surfaces blemish-free is a challenge so consider carefully where to place them in your home. The backsplash above, from Humphrey Munson, has an antiqued look at least, which helps hide food splatters.

Likewise, glass, while adept at reflecting light and making small spaces appear larger than they actually are, requires work to keep off the smudges and grime — something to think about when you consider choosing shower doors over a basic curtain. Otherwise, buy yourself a squeegee and learn all the ways to keep them clean.

Anytime you have a bunch of gaps, seam or crevices, there’s more opportunity for dirt and gunk to get trapped and/or hide. In the kitchen, top mounted sinks are a big culprit: food is more likely to get stuck underneath the lip instead of sliding right on by. Combine an undermount sink with an edgeless drain and you’re positively winning at life.

For bathrooms and backsplashes, it’s all about the grout. The smaller the tile, the more grout lines you have, and the more scrubbing you’ll do to keep them bright and mildew-free. If you love your chosen tile and don’t want to give it up, consider a darker color grout, like the gray above, which can mask dirt and make at least look better in between cleanings.


Via apartmenttherapy.com