50 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Kids In Mind

Decorate Your Home With Kids In Mind

There is just something about a home that lets you know whether it’s a pre-kids or post-kids space. Maybe it’s the little shoes by the door or maybe it’s the child-safe lock on the drawer with the scissors. Or maybe it’s just infused in the decorating. Some people think that when you have kids, you have to say goodbye to the freedom and fun of decorating your home. However, while there are certain precautions you have to take like sharp corners and breakable objects, creating a kid-friendly space can be very liberating. Suddenly you have the opportunity to get away with bright colors and patterns, a style that you wouldn’t expect in a kid-less home. Scroll through these 50 ways to decorate your in mind. They’ll help you embrace the fun side of decorating with little ones.

When you’re decorating your living room to fit your family, you want to think about the big items first. The ones that you’re all going to use, like the sofa. By opting for a large sectional, you give everyone a space to sit and relax together. Not to mention more pillows for forts.


After your sofa is firmly in place, think about what accent seating you can add to the room in terms of what appeals to your kids. Bean Bag chairs are a fun idea to make the living room extra cozy for little ones. They’ll enjoy sinking in to read or watch a movie.



When you have one child, you inevitably have many more in your house at some point. Birthday parties and sleepovers require options for seating that aren’t permanent which makes poufs the perfect solution. You can stack them away under a table or in a closet when the party’s over.

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