6 Ideas for Landscaping With Natural Elements

The last thing any homeowner wants is an ugly lawn standing out like a sore thumb in the front or backyard. It’s rather unfortunate some of the components that complete a home usually end up distorting it. For example, drainage pipes and ditches that divert water from the foundations of a house usually end up making it look unsightly and mar the beauty of the house.

Fortunately, meticulous can conceal or lessen the impact of any drainage ditch or unsightly pipes. The beauty of it all is that you don’t need to spend too much money on enhancing the elegance your home because these could be projects that you personally undertake in your spare time.

The following six landscaping techniques can ensure that you retain all the drainage pipes and ditches which your house needs while having a beautiful lawn all around your property. Beauty and functionality can go hand in hand and make your home into a green haven of joy not only for you and your family but to those visitors who see it as well. And they are so easy to do.

1. Dry Stream Beds

Dry Stream Bed
Dry Stream Bed17 Best Ideas About Dry Creek Bed on Pinterest

Dry streambeds when properly handled will add beauty to your lawn while providing a drainage passage for any surplus water. They not only hold the soil in place preventing erosion but also take water away from your garden and turn an otherwise eyesore into a beautiful addition to your surroundings. The dry streambed can be enhanced by ground cover plants that absorb moisture when planted at the edges of the stream, and which create a beautiful connection between your lawn and any graveled surface.

2. French Drains

French Drain
HD Foundation Repair, French Drain

French Drains are another way of dealing excess water that would otherwise collect and flood your lawn. It is a handy and resourceful construction which is fairly simple to put together. the right tools and materials, as well as DIY, know how this is an important drainage contraption that will keep your yard dry and plants healthy.

3. Swales

SUDS Net, Swale

Swales not only drain water away from your lawn, they also bring water to your garden bed, keeping it as moist as you need it to be. You could decide to surround your garden with swales and these will enable rainwater to soak into the ground slowly and eventually be distributed evenly throughout the area. Swales are an excellent way of preventing soil erosion and will also reduce the effort and time required to water your lawn manually.


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