A Super Space Saving Solution for Small Apartments

While many people might dream of making their home in an expansive mansion or countryside estate, that’s simply not the reality for most people, particularly those that choose to live in cities. Urban life comes with many advantages — cultural, culinary, creative — but it often does not come with a lot of space. Instead of succumbing to a lifestyle that is cramped and uncomfortable, Ori Systems has come up with a much better idea. With their creative bed console, a small space can be simultaneously a bedroom, living room, work area, and closet.

With just a push of a button, the bed slides away, leaving room for other activities. The result is an apartment that is more functional and beautiful than any combination of furnishings could be.

Space Saving Solution

When fully extended, a full or queen bed leaves plenty of space for sleeping.

To entertain, the bed can slide closed, opening up space on the other side of the room.

Space Saving Solution

Surrounding the bed is tons of shelving, including a full entertainment unit and even hooks for coats and bags.

It’s important that a comfortable home have plenty of floor space and this solution allows for that, even in a studio.

Even without putting the bed away, the unit makes a cozy area to relax on the opposite side.

Check out this great video that shows how it all works:

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Image(s) Courtesy of home-designing.com


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