Cool and Trendy DIY Projects for Old Shutters in Your Home Decor

20 Most Creative DIY Projects for Old Shutters in Your Home Decor You’ve seen them, they are all over Pinterest – whenever we’re talking shabby chic or farmhouse decor (which is quite popular these days), there are always old window shutters. You can take an old shutter, paint it, add some chic knick-knacks and have Read More

Huge Wooden Clock Face

We have seen a few of these awesome gigantic clocks pop up around the blogosphere and they are always amazing. This one from Christina at The DIY Mommy is certainly no exception! Christina has a lucky hookup for huge wooden circles- her husband is an electrician and saved an electrical wire spool for her. She Read More

13 Spring Napkin Rings

Spring and Easter are just around the corner! The white snow will be melting with green grass sprouting upwards. Yellow, purple, orange and pink flowers will begin to bloom. It may take some time for the weather to change, but you can transition from Winter to Spring in your home right now! And a great Read More