Creating a Cozy Bed Nook in a Boy’s Room!

Here’s a simple but cool looking bed nook in a boy’s room created by Thrifty Decor Chick – So you know it’s not going to cost a lot!

I’m back with a quick update in our son’s room. I’m really happy with how it’s progressing — it’s going to look so good when I’m done! And it’s super functional too, which is important to a young man who loves to collect stuff. 🙂

Here’s what we started with a few months ago:

Blue and red boy room

We added built-in bookcases in his old room and I LOVED them (I built them with my Dad when I was pregnant) but I didn’t want to do something permanent in here, at least not yet. Instead, I got Billy bookcases from IKEA and had a plan to make them look a little more custom. I’m about halfway there!

I recently built his headboard and you can see the DIY tufted headboard tutorial here. I’ve made many of these over the years — it’s an easy project and you can customize it just how you want:
DIY tufted headboard tutorial

I’ll share more details about the bedding at the end of the post if you’re interested!

My original plan was always to install a long shelf over the two bookcases and the bed so we’d have a shelf to display his basketballs. I measured and had an inexpensive pine board cut to size (around ten feet!) and when I took it up to install it, it was a good six inches too short. Not sure where that went wrong, but it turned out to be a happy accident.

I decided to cut it down so it would span the two bookcases instead, and I think it looks so much better than the long one would have! I also used my extra wood panels from the basement stair project I showed you last week to fill in the area behind his bed:
Creating a bed nook with bookcases

It’s important to note that before I did any of this, I secured the two bookcases to the wall with brackets IKEA provides. This is a must! Then I screwed the top shelf into the sides of each bookcase. I also installed a small piece of wood along the top under the shelf to support the length of it. (All screws going into studs.) It’s super secure now — nothing moves!

I added the strips of wood down the wall and then small cuts of it down the sides behind the headboard and bookcases:

Nook for bed with hanging lights

If you take the headboard down the wall is empty behind — the side pieces are an illusion and just look like full pieces. 😉 Just a reminder that it doesn’t need to be perfect if you’ll never see it!

I plan to stain the boards behind the bed, but I haven’t decided yet if I’ll stain the shelf above or paint it white to match the bookcases:


Red and blue boy room with storage

What do you think? I was planning on painting it white but now I’m leaning towards stain.

I still have a plan for the bookcases and hope to display his items a little better. Boys love STUFF!! Goodness. It’s his room so I want to decorate it the way that HE likes, but I do want to declutter just a bit so his prized possessions shine.

It’s coming together so well! We love that it feels like a little nook for his bed. What you can’t see here is that I added some LED lights from IKEA to the top as well. I plugged them into an outlet that works from a switch, so he leaves those on at night. The boy is in heaven. 🙂 It’s becoming a pretty cool space!:

Shiplap wall behind headboard

More projects to come, but I always like to share the process with you! Rooms do NOT happen overnight around here. 🙂


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