Cool and Trendy DIY Projects for Old Shutters in Your Home Decor

20 Most Creative DIY for Old in Decor

You’ve seen them, they are all over Pinterest – whenever we’re talking shabby chic or farmhouse decor (which is quite popular these days), there are always old window shutters. You can take an old shutter, paint it, add some chic knick-knacks and have a decor accent piece for your home. But we’re not here to talk about cliches which can get boring pretty quickly.

In fact, we have a list of extraordinary DIY projects with old shutters that aren’t just there for the farmhouse wannabes but can give you some practical use as well. And naturally, they will give you a Pinterest worthy home decor look. So here are our favorite craft projects that are charming as they are functional.

First, let’s start with making your own wood shutters. Yes, you can get charming old shutters from flea markets, and you should, but there are times when you need something custom made. For those times, you can use this tutorial and make exactly what you need for your DIY craft project. Tutorial:

20 Most Creative DIY Projects for Old Shutters in Your Home Decor

Using old shutters for picture display is a very shabby chic way to use them. It’s one of the most practical uses for old shutters and you can easily make use of the idea where ever you have free wall space. It’s a great replacement for wall art. Check out the tutorial for more details.

Bookcase from Shutters

20 Most Creative DIY Projects for Old Shutters in Your Home Decor

Yes, you can make actual furniture from old shutters and it’s an awesome way to repurpose them. This bookcase is as useful as it is attractive. Get yourself some more space for storage and display while doing it in chic style. The tutorial has all the details on how to build it.