Easy Outdoor Toys You Can Make Today

With the nice weather here, we would all like to get our kids outside more. But, unless you’re lucky enough to live right next door to a park, your kids may be lacking fun things to do outside. We found some of the neatest outdoor toy projects that you can put together today!

1. Walls

Photo: Pallet Walls

This pallet climbing wall from Woo Home is adorable! Can be made easily using roof angle brackets or a roof truss as a frame. Attach little wood pieces to climb on and canvas for the tent underneath. Consider making an by lining several of these in a roll.


A perfect solution for outdoor table play, this spool table with bowl cutouts is perfect as a table for eating popsicles, playing in a sandbox, or painting projects. Even if you don’t want to cut the holes in it, a simple sanding and coat of brightly colored paint would turn an old spool into a whimsical children’s table.

Photo: Spool Table

3. Tile Hop-Scotch

How about a game of hop-scotch on these super-simple painted tiles. Buy from your local garden or hardware store. Use stencils to paint on numbers for a game of hopscotch or maybe a live game of chess. Even if you decide not to paint them, children will be delighted just to hop from stepping stone to stepping stone across the shark-infested waters of your backyard.

Photo: Hop Scotch

4. Tire Climber

This homemade tire climber is pretty awesome. Pick up some old tires from the junkyard (or grandpa’s barn) and then scrub, paint, and bolt together to get this cool climbing structure. Wouldn’t this make a great addition to the pallet wall obstacle course?

Photo: Tire Climber

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Image(s) Courtesy of knockoffdecor.com