Easy Ways to Free Up More Room in Your Tiny Closet

Ever found that you’ve run out of space in your ? Many homes (mine included) seem to scrimp when it comes to closet space. But don’t despair. Here are some great tips for making the most of your limited closet space…

We’re pretty sure there’s never been a renter or homeowner to ever declare that their humble abode has just far too much closet space. You may not love it, but we know a few easy ways you can make more room in your space-challenged closet. With some simple reorganizing you can make your closets much more efficient.

Do a Purge .

We know you don’t want to hear it (and we know you really don’t want to do it), but purging your tiny closet of lesser-used items is by far the best way to make extra space for the clothes and accessories that you really love. You know what you need to do. Toss or donate any clothes that don’t fit, are damaged or that you simply no longer wear.

Avoid Bulky Organizers

Before you make a run for The Container Store, evaluate how your closet will actually benefit from a complex shelving system or organizing tools. Even if these things visually organize your closet well, they still take up valuable real estate in your tiny closet. Save yourself the space and money and buy only what you need and have space for.

Layer Your Hanging Rods

Many closets are fitted with a single rod for hanging clothes, one that’s tall enough to hang any garment. But if your wardrobe allows, consider layering a second rod underneath the first. If the majority of your clothes are shorter in length think blouses and shorter skirts you can spread the load across two stacked rods and leave your closet more full but less tightly packed.

Get Creative with Over the Door Shoe Organizers

Those over-the-door shoe organizers can store way more than just shoes. Hang one over the inside of your tiny closet door and use it to store neatly folded scarves, gloves, jewelry, lingerie or anything else small that you need to make room for.

Image courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com