Home Décor Tips for Newlyweds

Home décor tips for newlyweds

Décor for

As newlyweds, setting up a home together is one of the most treasured experiences, as it gives the couple a detailed understanding of each other’s tastes. Here are a few tips that couples could follow to make their home a reflection of their personalities.

Comfort comes first

Decorating a home, as a couple, is not only about making the space look good, it is also about ensuring that it is a comfortable one to live in. So, while a piece of modern furniture may look perfect for the living room, what’s the point in investing in it if it’s too fancy to laze on?

Code for choosing colour

History is witness to the bickering that most couples have indulged in to get their favourite colour on the wall. Rather than argue, it’s advisable that couples zero in on one colour each that they want to see the room painted in and find ways to ensure these shades complement each other.

Home décor tips for newlyweds

Statement style

Building your home together is a joint effort. So, find something you both love and can use to adorn your home. It could be anything such as a fancy rug you spotted at an exhibition, an antique in a flea market or even an artwork from a local art store. If you both love it, it’s time to bring it home.

Home décor tips for newlyweds