Inexpensive & Timeless Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

White subway tile backsplashes are elegant, they’re classic, and… they’re everywhere. If you’re a little tired of the look, or you just want something different for your , look no further than this round-up of seven budget-friendly alternatives to subway tile for your .

In a new shape, those familiar old ceramic tiles feel surprisingly fresh, like in this kitchen featured by Adore Home. Pair with dark grout to really emphasize the honeycomb pattern.

It may seem strange, in an article about backsplashes, that I’m recommending not having a backsplash at all, but if you use a glossy paint, or one that’s designed to be easy to clean, a painted backsplash can be a viable option for a kitchen that doesn’t see a lot of heavy-duty cooking. Plus it’s a great way to add a little color to your kitchen, like in Stephanie and Bob’s L.A. home.

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