La Vie Boheme – Boho Inspired Decor Trends

La Vie Boheme – Boho Inspired Decor Trends

There’s no denying that the boho chic style is having its decor moment. It’s almost impossible to miss the eclectic and layered bohemian-inspired decor splashed across all the major decor magazines. Primarily influenced by 1970’s design, the bohemian decor typically includes natural, rustic elements, rich colors, and layered textiles that give a more casual, collected feel to space and combine eclectic and fun without trying too hard.

Do you covet this festival-inspired vibe? Say no more! From relaxed living spaces and eccentric bedrooms to ethnic and vintage pieces, follow this boho design cheat sheet to welcome that casual chic décor home.

The Mix Master for Patterns and Colors

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When it comes to creating a bohemian inspired space, all rules go out the window. Just like the vibrant, free-spirited culture, it is all about mixing bold colors and eccentric patterns and textures. Use dyed textiles and patterns like Ikat and Suzani to add an element of fun to your space. And if this all seems too overwhelming, try offsetting the bold hues and rich textiles with white walls and earthy plants for a laidback ambiance.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with conventional décor ways. You can also use 70’s inspired blankets and bedspreads to add texture and warmth to your space. Try to incorporate pieces, like Kantha quilts, with varying textures and materials to help create a more collected look, or use them as throws at the end of your bed or over the back of a chair. And if you are in a mood for something quirky, a 70s-inspired floral wallpaper will play nicely with fuchsia pink patterned bedding, while a quirky pillow in a bold palette creates a focal point. You can also embrace a subdued mix of shades like olive green, cognac, mustard yellow and rusty oranges to complement the fall weather.

Natural And Rustic Finish – Earthy Curator

Being the exact opposite of minimal, modern, and sleek, Boho embraces a raw and natural look. It is the perfect embodiment of rustic charm, coupled with quirky designs. So add accessories made from natural or raw materials such as hemp, sisal, wood, and rattan combined with silk and chenille.

The thought is to replicate the rustic charm of a slightly worn out look. Think wooden wall decor pieces, macrame plant hangers, a sisal area rug, or a leather footstool. Rattan bed frames or chairs adorned with textured pillows evoke an exotic, rustic vibe that adds a warm, earthy tone to the room’s palette. Pillows, curtains and throw-rugs crafted from fringe, crochet, and macramé are amongst the signature boho embellishments.

And although natural textures are critical to a boho-inspired interior, don’t let that stop you from throwing in a metallic decor element or metal floor lamp for a little bling. As we said, there are no rules when you go the boho way and blingy addition serves to counterbalance the medley of colors and textures.

Add Global Accents – Foreign Affairs

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Given that bohemian culture has a history of celebrating people who choose to lead an unconventional life – travelers, gypsies, writers, etc. – decor accessories that have a global feel are essential in a bohemian-inspired space. So, if you’re lucky enough to travel to far-flung locales, look for beautiful souvenirs that can help you achieve an ethnic-eclectic feel in your home with authentic pieces.

For the time being, though, dust off those old keepsakes from your travel adventures and curate an enchanting collection of far-flung bric-a-brac. Items like carved wooden statues, Moroccan lanterns, Indian tribal print tapestries, and Ming-style vases are the perfect global finds for an eclectic look, not to mention instant conversation pieces.

Highlight Your Heirlooms  – Timeless Beauties

Now’s the time to bring out your family heirlooms. Like any eclectic, interesting home space, the bohemian decor makes creative use of interesting and unique vintage pieces.

For example, heirlooms, vintage posters, or a vintage mirror that incorporates interesting etchings are a few boho must-haves. You can also experiment with a mid-century arc lamp by coupling it with a tribal print rug to give a vintage feel. Or you can try grouping several vintage pieces together for a rustic yet classy feel. Focus on the mid-century modern accessories reminiscent of the free spirit hippy culture of the 1960s and ’70s.

Lastly, the free-spirited culture of wanderers and gypsies is all about following your heart and telling your story. So pick accessories that tell your story. Feature whatever you like – tapestries, vintage bottles, maps, or mismatched china, travel collectibles – but keep in mind that while Bohemian style usually tends to be eclectic, it can still be chic and glamorous. Don’t be wary of trying out an ornate chandelier or a chunky gold-framed mirror simply because you want to stay away from too much dazzle.

So, who’s ready to spruce up their boho space with family heirlooms, handmade accent pieces, and souvenirs from your adventurous travels? All of you? Well, get started then, and prep your homes for the fun and festivities lying ahead.

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