The Latest Designs That Turn Bathtubs Into Works Of Art

In every room or particular area of the house there’s one element or furniture piece which stands out from the rest and which dictates the way everything else is placed and oriented. In the , that element is usually the . Its central role is due to its size but also its function and the ambiance that revolves around it. Bathtubs come in numerous different styles, shapes, sizes, colors, finishes and they can also be made of various different materials. Each type is special and inspiring in its own way.

If money is no object then you really can work wonders!


Freestanding bathtubs are usually the most interesting and eye-catching ones. The ones in the Papillon series are especially beautiful. Each tub is carved is carved from a single block of material and is made to order, with the possibility to be customized. You can choose from seven different materials and finishes including , , , limestone and Carrara marble. The version looks very much like a wooden bathtub and that can potentially give the entire room a luxurious spa-like feel.

The Natural Bathtub is able to fit wonderfully in both indoor and outdoor bathrooms. Once again, each tub is carved from a single block of either granite or marble. The granite tubs have chiseled exteriors which makes them better suited for exterior areas while the marble ones are polished and thus easier to integrate in indoor areas.



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