Minimalist Home Decor – Check Out This Singapore Home

When it comes to , Scandinavian-inspired dream home in is worth a second look!

Minimalist Home Decor

For some time now, the love affair with Scandinavian and industrial-style interiors in Singapore has been going strong. These minimalist concepts appeal to many for whom the home is a reflection of individual style and personality. However, for this young couple who holidays in Scandinavia frequently, it’s about bringing shared memories and their love of the region into the home.

They roped in Stephen Goh and Angela Tantry, founders of Metaphor Studio, to spearhead the design and construction of their two-storey loft duplex. “The challenges the space presented included translating the trendy industrial look into a luxe Scandinavian ‘barn’ setting and fine-tuning the design profile, proportions and details to complement the owners’ deep appreciation for Scandinavian fine furniture and design,” says Goh.

Minimalist Home Decor

The team used the same finish, saw-cut elm wood laminates, on the walls and low ceiling in the dining and cosy corners for a warm, intimate atmosphere. These laminates contrast against the dark finishes, such as the charcoal grey interlocking slate tiles, in the double-volume living area. “We used tiles to reduce the amount of reflection from the existing polished marble flooring. It’s one of the strategies to cope with the glare issue from the large windows,” says Goh. “They also give the opportunity to highlight the loft space.” Following the design team’s recommendations on the styles of artworks that will add to the interior, the couple opted for bold calligraphy pieces that complement the broad, black strokes throughout the home.