Modern Standing Desk Designs And Extensions For Homes And Offices

Standing Desk
02 by Artifox


As the standing desk trend becomes more and more popular all around the world, a lot of people are starting to ask themselves whether or not they should switch to one and whether this is the future in office decor or just a fad. Given the benefits presented by this design direction, it would be safe to assume that standing desks won’t be forgotten any time soon, especially those with adjustable height and the option of sitting down when desired. It’s definitely worth trying one out, whether it’s a , a designer-made one or an .

Standing Desk 02 by Artifox is the second version of an already great design. The desk has been perfected to be even more minimalist and good-looking than the previous model. You can choose it for your workplace or for your home office and you can take advantage of its simple and practical design to maintain a stylish and clutter-free decor. There’s a built-in dock for your smart devices, hanging hooks for earphones and a grid that lets you manage your cables in style.

Movi Standing Desk
Movi Standing Desk

Standing all day is not exactly any better that being seated the whole time and that’s why desks like Movi are considered great. This is a desk that lets the user easily switch from a seated to a standing position, to alternate throughout the day depending on the type of task or simply on the mood. The height of the desk changes with the simple push of a button and a quiet electric motor does all the work in seconds.


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