Our Finished Family Room Transformation!

Check out this article from Thrifty Decor Chick with some great photos of her transformation. Apparently, it was a big project but I think you’ll agree the results were well worth it!

Oh my goodness! I’m finally done with this project! It’s only been about five weeks since I started it though, and that’s pretty darn good for me. 😉 Usually, I take a few months. I was just so excited to get it finished up!

There’s still a lot more I want to do in our family room but I’m SO pleased with it so far. I’m feeling pretty good that I’ve been able to put our stamp on it so much already.

I shared how this all started when I painted the super tall fireplace walls last month, and then as soon as that was done I knew the had to go in. I just couldn’t wait. Here’s a tutorial on how I built these into the areas next to the fireplace. I tackled the left side later and it was a much bigger pain in the butt because of the electronics.

I had to label every single cord, install the built-ins, then reconnect everything. When I painted I just propped everything up and painted underneath. I wasn’t taking all that out again, no way no how. It came together so well!:

Family Room Transformation

I’m SO SO happy to have our electronics and the subwoofer put away. When we had just the TV consoles on either side, the electronics were somewhat hidden but we just had the subwoofer sitting out.

I built these to a size that would fit everything perfectly. I went with the dark Cyberspace color on the built-ins for many reasons, but a biggie was that I knew the sound system stuff would disappear a bit against the — it definitely helps! They would have stuck out big time on light built-ins.

Anyway…I’m done! I do plan to add a wood top to both eventually, but for now, I’m calling it finished. I’m so happy to be able to put the nail gun and paint stuff away. SO happy.

Here are some more photos! This is a before with the main wall color (Agreeable Gray):

Family Room Transformation

And here it is now, with both sides painted:

DIY bookcases on either side of fireplace

I’m a HUGE lover of contrast and an even bigger lover of the color blue. This dark blue-gray works so well with everything we had!

It is so nice to have this side done and organized now!:

Simple DIY built ins for electronics

I don’t think I’ve ever shared that angle because it was always kind of a mess.

Here are a few more shots for you and then I’ll wrap this up with some sources if you’re interested!

DIY built ins next to fireplace

I made the floral pillows last week and had the striped ones. They joined the new Pottery Barn covers I got on sale a couple months ago:

Blue green and gray pillows on light sofa

The fireplace has so much more presence now! I still plan to do some kind of trim work on it, but I’m waiting on that. I need a break from paint and crazy tall ladders. 👍

Cyberspace on fireplace and built ins

I have a small project in mind for that wall under the stairs. I feel like it needs something but I don’t want to clutter it up too much:

Family room transformation with paint and bookcases

There you go! I worked my tail off on this room and I’m so thrilled with the result. It’s even prettier at night — the dark paint is super cozy in the evenings.

Here’s a straight before shot:

Tall fireplace in family room

And here it is with some contrast…it’s feeling more like home than ever!:

Family room transformation with paint

Our dark chairs are a little faded from the light in the old house so I’d love to recover them someday — they’re not expensive chairs at all but they are SO comfy and the perfect size. So many ideas running through my head but I’m pausing to enjoy the transformation so far! 🙂

By the way…these built-ins are NOT perfect. I’ve said it before but it’s important to mention again — so many sins are covered with caulk, trim and paint. So. many. But I’m super proud of them and they will hold up to just about anything! I remind you of that as often as I can because if you tackle something similar it’s OK if it’s not perfect. The only person that will ever notice it is you.

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