Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas That Blend Looks And Function In Crazy Ways

Having a fire pit out in the backyard is simply genius. It gives you the perfect entertainment setting for outdoor. The fire pit is an excellent focal point around which you can have comfortable chairs, benches or sofas. The combo makes for an extraordinary conversation area and ll you need to do to ensure that is find some suitable fire pit seating options to choose from. Maybe we can help with that.

Set in the heart of Arizona, the Brown Residence is surrounded by a desert landscape and not much else.Lake|Flato Architects made sure to integrate it nicely in its surroundings. giving it glazed facades and vast and open outdoor spaces, including a lounge area organized around a fire pit.

Dimit Architects designed this residence for a young family that wanted to be able to entertain guests both indoors and outdoors. The architects gave them this fire pit seating area with built-in benches that form a U shape. It’s a sunken seating area and it looks very cozy and comfortable.

The biggest challenge faced by Carney Logan Burke Architects when designing this residence was finding a way to make it blend in and to ensure a seamless connection with the existing community while at the same time offering their clients the modern home setting they desired. The project, as a result, is a hybrid and you can see that in every space and detail, including this fire pit seating area.

Image courtesy of homedit.com