Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas That Blend Looks And Function In Crazy Ways

Having a fire pit out in the backyard is simply genius. It gives you the perfect entertainment setting for outdoor. The fire pit is an excellent focal point around which you can have comfortable chairs, benches or sofas. The combo makes for an extraordinary conversation area and ll you need to do to ensure that Read More

Bathroom Countertop Storage Solutions With Aesthetic Charm

Although it’s possible for a bathroom to conceal everything inside closed cabinets, some things just need to sit on the counter. This often raises a problem: dealing with the need for a practical and aesthetically-pleasing bathroom countertop storage option. While there are definitely solutions, finding the right one can be quite difficult and a little Read More

Triad Colors in Contemporary Interior Design

There are a variety of formal relationships between and among colors. One of the lesser known groupings is triad colors. Triad colors are three colors that are evenly spaced around the traditional color wheel. This is also referred to as a triadic color scheme. Because triad colors are evenly spaced (three color spacings apart) , Read More

12 Unique & Creative Ideas for Ceiling Medallions

Say bye-bye to boring ceilings! Make your friend’s jaw’s drop as they gaze upon your cool, unique, awesome ceiling. Be adventurous by extending your design taste to your ceiling. Trust me, you won’t regret it! Have you found the perfect medallion, but hate the color? Paint can work wonders and will add a dramatic flair Read More