In Praise of the Little Black Sink

Though it has gone “in” and “out” of style, the white porcelain or enamel farmhouse is really a classic element of kitchen design. Sure, it’s roomy and it really does work with a wide variety of styles. But sometimes, you want something a bit more dramatic in your kitchen.

Right now, it doesn’t get any more dramatic than matte finishes in the kitchen. Though we’re primarily seeing this type of finish in kitchen appliances, tiles and tabletop accessories, matte turns a sink into a stunning statement.

This small black sink coordinates with the black cabinetry and appliances in the kitchen from Noe. The contrast also helps make the white counters seem even brighter.

Amber Interior Design uses a black sink in a similar way, echoing the black cabinetry and accessories. Here, the matte finish of the sink also contrasts the polished counters.

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