Use Feng Shui to Decorate the Dining Room

The is a perfect venue for merging social conversation and relationship bonds. There’s something about the combination of food, time to dine, and a warm, inviting setting that magically bonds people. A is the epitome of this formula, with guidelines on selecting an optimal , colors, and layout. In this article, we’ll discuss ways to use feng shui to decorate the to be appealing, appetizing, and accommodating, whether for one individual or an entire group of family and friends.

Use a solid table, preferably round and .

You can find out more about selecting the ideal feng shui dining table in this article, but as a general rule, the dining table should be round and made of wood. This signifies equality (there is no “head” of a round table) and stability.

Select chairs strategically.

Dining chairs in the feng shui dining room should be comfortable. This means they will likely have arm rests and supportive backs. That being said, feng shui dining chairs won’t be overly comfortable, like rocking chairs, because they are unstable in a dining setting.

While it will be lovely to have the ability to dim or brighten the lights while eating (dining rooms are great places to set the mood), you want to be sure that there is always adequate lighting to be able to dine comfortably. And dining comfortably involves being able to see what it is that you’re eating. Sufficient lighting above the dining table in a feng shui dining room is a must.

Feng shui décor approaches the use of mirrors with strategy and caution. In the feng shui dining room, then, it is recommended that wall mirrors be used to reflect positive things – pleasant images in artwork, for example, or potted plants. Mirrors also can be used to visually expand the tablescape of a lovely dining room, or the room itself, which amplifies the festive nature of a well-set dining table.


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